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Twisted Pastries

In December of 2007, Sconies™ were born as the first "Twisted Pastry." The trademarked Sconies™ are mini-gourmet baked scones that are a perfect cross between a baked pastry and fine candy. They are uniquely delicious and available in many different flavors, including German Chocolate (hand-dipped in milk chocolate/coconut) and Cheesecake (hand-dipped in white chocolate/graham cracker and iced).

Twisted Pastries

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I don't know who wrote the other comments, but they must be friends or relatives of the baker because these things are the worst! They suck! Aweful! And I'm being kind. These are dry, stale, over-priced, pieces of particle board or something. There's no taste and you can't get enough milk to even hope to help you wash them down. If this is the best Idaho has to offer when it comes to original products, then we are doomed!

Amazing, delicious and the

Amazing, delicious and the perfect treat! We were very happy and satisfied customers of Kathy's Personal Sous Chef business when she created the Sconies. We fell in love with them immediately! Who won't? The gourmet, flavor packed and perfect sized treats have it all! Just enough sweetness for your sweet tooth cravings and mouth watering incredible flavor with each one being hand dipped with TLC! Try them all! My favorite is the Cheesecake. But who could resist the Pecan Chocolate or the Bueberry Lemon or the Cranberry Orange or German Chocolate or the Cinnamon Swirl....the list goes on and on. These are a treat worth will be back for more!


They're great. We just love them! Not too sweet and just the right size. My favorites: apple streusel and cinnamon crumble. Can't wait to try the coffee mocha! I'm hooked!

I think your sconies are a

I think your sconies are a wonderful treat. I think you can certainly continue to build on this and keep the toppings new and interesting.


What a wonderful product you have. My favorite is blueberry and lemon. However, all the flavors (and I have had all but the new banana and I'll soon have it) are so darn good! I am not a sweet eater so these are just perfect because they are not too sweet and the size is just right so that I don't find myself over-indulging!

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