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Tastykake employees take tremendous pride in Tasty Baking Company's rich heritage and bright future. Unquestionably, our products represent the industry benchmark for consistent taste, quality, and freshness. The idea of small cakes, pre-wrapped fresh at the bakery and conveniently available at the local grocer, was uniquely appealing to Americans.

Back in 1914, a Pittsburgh baker, Philip J. Baur and a Boston egg salesman, Herbert T. Morris went into business in Philadelphia to produce baked goods using only the finest ingredients delivered fresh daily to the bakery. They insisted on farm fresh eggs, Grade A creamery butter, real milk, cocoa, spices, and natural flavorings from the far ends of the earth.

The products were so good that Morris' wife, after trying some of the samples, said they were "tasty," so they eventually named the business Tasty Baking Company and came up with the catchy name, Tastykake.


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