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Taku Nature's Fish Store

Taku Nature's Fish Store

At Taku, we enjoy a two-decade long relationship of mutual respect with our local fishermen. We both love this community built around salmon and share a passion for angling. Up here, fishing is not just a profession; it is a way of life. Our close relationship with the men and women of the boats guides the way a fish we catch in the wilds of Alaska arrives at your kitchen in pristine condition.

We control the whole process from the fish that come to our docks to the fish that is delivered to your door.With Taku, you can be assured of practices that promote environmentally friendly sustainable fishing and handling procedures that provide maximum health and taste benefits.

Alaska is unquestionably home to the best wild seafood in the world, and Taku provides you with direct access to the very best. We are Nature's Fish Store.

Taku Nature's Fish Store

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No one has a better product

No one has a better product than Taku. We have been buying our fish and Christmas gifts from them for over 10 years. There products are well recieved by our friends and they look forward to the gifts! We wouldn't buy from anybody else!!!!!!!!

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