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Glier's Goetta

Glier's Goetta

For over half a century, the enticing scent of Glier's Goetta browning on the stove, mingled with the rich aroma of fresh coffee, signaled a leisurely weekend breakfast for many Greater Cincinnatians...a time to relax with the family, talk, and enjoy a delicious meal.

Goetta was created in Greater Cincinnati's German immigrant community in the late 1800's. It is a delicious blend of pork, beef, and whole grain, steel cut oats. Goetta is traditionally prepared like sausage patties but many people prefer the taste of Goetta.

Glier's Goetta

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Purnell Sausage

Purnell Sausage

Welcome to the online home of the best country sausage money can buy. Why do people love Purnell’s “Old Folks” Sausage? Because it’s gooo-od!

What make it so gooo-od? Explore our website and find out why! We have a style and taste to please everyone.

Purnell Sausage

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Chubby Bubby's Smokehouse

We’re not Louisville's average bbq establishment. We specialize in open flamed gourmet cooking using exotic hardwoods and our own specialty, gourmet rubs to give our meats that delicate, smoky, one of a kind flavor we all love.

Chubby Bubby's Smokehouse Custom 24 foot Trailer with 6 foot Smoker. We take great pride in using only the finest meats and ingredients. We slow smoke our meats for a minimum of 12 hours, never rushing the process and letting the flavor ripen. Our meats are then prepared for serving with great attention to detail with the end result being lean, healthy, full flavored, mouth watering entrees.

Chubby Bubby's

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Mingua Brothers Beef Jerky

Ronnie, Ricky and Jack Mingua started farming over thirty years ago in the beautiful Bluegrass Region of Bourbon County, Kentucky. They helped their father, Silas Mingua, grow tobacco and raise cattle for their livelihood. It was in their nature to share the love of the outdoors. Soon the Mingua Brothers increased their farming adventures to include the raising of corn and soybeans for commercial sales here in the Bluegrass Region.

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Ruth Hunt Candy

It all began in the kitchen of her Mt. Sterling, Kentucky home, where Ruth Tharpe Hunt served homemade sweets to her bridge club. In 1921 she decided to start a small candy business. Today, still located in Mt. Sterling, Ruth Hunt Candies remains a Kentucky landmark.

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