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Mrs. Fisher's Potato Chips

Mrs. Fisher’s Potato Chips was founded in Rockford, IL in 1932 by Mrs. Ethel Fisher. Since that time, the company has formed a time honored tradition to manufacture homestyle, thick-sliced potato chips. It was actually Mr. Fisher that came up with the idea of producing potato chips for a living. The couple started out cooking the chips in their basement on a two burner wash stove in order to make extra income during the Depression. Now, Mrs. Fisher’s is one of the oldest "chippers" in the Midwest. "We are dedicated to serving our community and providing a quality product to all of our customers," says Roma and Mark Hailman, the new owners of Mrs. Fisher’s.

Mrs. Fisher's Potato Chips

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Mrs Fishers Potato Chips

I live in Waukegan, Il. but grew up in Rockford and grew up on Mrs Fishers Potato Chips. What is the nearest town to me where I can purchase these chips so I dont have to go all the way to Rockford ?

Availability of Mrs. Fisher's potato chips

I am a hospice nurse, and I have a patient who is no longer able to travel to Sam's Club in Rockford, IL, to load up on his favorite potato chips. Please tell me where I can get them for him locally, or can Sam's Club locally (Woodridge) obtain them?

Hello, I'm writing because I


I'm writing because I was hoping to be able to order your dip mix. My grandmother lives in Rockford, IL and she always had Mrs. Fisher's chips and dip when my family came out to visit. The dip mix was always included in Christmas and birthday presents that were shipped to us. However, now she is unable to make it to your store to send us the dip mix, and I miss it very much. I would love to order the chips AND the dip since the chips are just not the same without it. Please consider selling it online. I know many people who would greatly appreciate being able to have that dip within reach! Thank you!


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