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The best in gourmet and specialty foods in Fredericksburg, Texas and the Texas Hill Country are found at Meier Ranch Foods. Texas Wild originated in 1994 by making products from wild Texas plants to sell to retail outlets. The original products included jellies made from Agarita berries, mesquite beans, cactus pear apples, mayhaw berries, wild mustang grapes and of course, Hill Country peaches. Our newest jelly, Mustang Grape, no sugar added, has been well received by people conscious of their dietary restrictions.

Meier Ranch Foods

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Wild plum jelly

I have bought Texas Wild, Wild Plum Jelly at a stand in Ft.Worth and when I went today to buy 5 jars, they only had 1. How can I order at least 5 jars.
Thank you,
Cynthia Maroney

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