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Hatch Chili Express

We are farmers. Jimmy is a third generation chile farmer with the legacy of being the son of Jim Lytle, the founder of the Big Jim Variety of chile. Jo doesn't really grow anything but has been blessed with the ability to sell. Jo says "I praise God that Jimmy grows a product that is addictive AND legal!!!!" Faron Lytle is a fourth generation farmer and grows the New Mexico 6-4 and the Sandia chile for us.

We grow "New Mexico's Finest" chile. Hatch is the Chile Capital of the World. We believe the best chile is grown in New Mexico, the best chile in New Mexico is grown in Hatch and the best chile in Hatch is grown on Lytle Farms.

The Hatch Chile Express was founded in 1988. We have been providing quality chile products and service for the past 23 years. We have been featured on the Food Network on a program called "Eat the Heat," "Garden Giants" and "Glutton For Punishment" for the past year. We have also been featured in magazines such as Sunset, Country America, Gourmet, Walking, Time, Texas Monthly and Top Producer and most recently Southern Living. Perhaps you have also seen us on ABC News, CNN and Nick News.

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