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Good Sense Snacks from Waymouth Farms

Waymouth Farms, Inc., was established in 1976 with its first offering of four trail mix products. Today, almost three decades later, Waymouth Farms is pleased to offer over 500 bulk and packaged products which are processed in our New Hope, Minnesota facilities. Waymouth Farms continues to evolve as a leading supplier of innovative, quality snack foods for healthier living.

Good Sense Snacks from Waymouth Farms

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oatbran sesame sticks

My family and I enjoy the sesame bran sticks, and buy them regularly at the Menards, in Carpentersville, Illinois. Many times they have been out of the product.
I was wondering if any other stores in the area sell them, or if you sell them from a website. And, if you sell them in bulk.
Thanks for your help.

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