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Nodine's Smokehouse

People are easily confused, Nodine's Smokehouse has two locations, Nodine's Smokehouse on 65 Fowler Ave. in Torrington, Ct. is the Production Plant, Wholesale and Retail Mail Order Shipping Facility and Offices and Nodine's Gourmet Retail Store on 39 North St. in Goshen, Ct. .
The Torrington location produces Smoked Meats, Cheeses, Poultry and Fish and sells their products Wholesale to many Restaurants, Markets and Inns across America. They smoke Meat, Fish and Game for Hunters and Fishers who bring their already butchered stuff to the production plant and charge a fee for this service ( They don't do any butchering of any meats or fish.). They also have Retail Mail Order, products that can be ordered on the Website, and delivered to your door by UPS anywhere in the U.S., and they help Fund-Raisers with their great Fundraising Program, in which 25% of the cost of the purchased products gets donated back to the chosen Fund-Raiser.
If you want to physically go and buy their products you must go to The Nodine's Gourmet Retail Store in Goshen Ct., their they carry most of the Nodine's Smoked Products, such as Andouille sausage, Kielbasa, Turkey's and Hams. They make wonderful sandwiches from many of the Nodine's products and serve fresh homemade soups by the cup. At The Nodine's Gourmet Retail Store they also sell local Jams, Jellies, Dry soup mixes, Candles, Soaps and many more products all in a 20' x 20' space.
I hope this makes things a little less confusing concerning Nodine's Smokehouse. Either way check out their web-site or visit the Gourmet Retail Store, it's well worth it!


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