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The fine offerings from Chocolatines are a truly masterful blend between visual presentation and flavorful medleys.

As the website explains, "It began with a love for aesthetic beauty and a tasteful indulgence of fine foods and exotic travels – from Nepal, Morocco, Thailand to Costa Rica, Czech Republic, and Paris. Then, Chef Rieko Wada wanted to share the flavors and cultural experiences from her globe-trotting experiences with other epicureans through chocolate concepts and creations that carried her signature style."

Recently, I had the opportunity to sample some of Chocolatines' fare for myself.

The chocolates were neatly packed in a cardboard box along with a gel pack to keep them cool. Besides the obvious care that went into the order, I also appreciated that the enclosed gel pack was not only non-toxic, but also biodegradable.

While it was obvious from the website that their products were beautiful in appearance, I was eager to learn whether or not the exotic flavors would truly blend. Included in the package were such exotic offerings as:

Chocolate-Dipped Bacon Strips (recommended accompaniment: a Shiraz),
Chocolate Dipped Bacon

Rose Gold Chocouture Edible Diamonds, and the Four Piece Classic Collection, consisting of Chai Tea, Pink Peppercorn, Passion Fruit, and Pistachio.
Chocolatines 4pc Classic

Chocolatines 4pc Classic

After a delightful tasting period, I can assure you that these creative combinations turned out to be every bit as pleasing to the taste buds as they were to the eye.

While some flavors may take a leap of faith to try, there is no doubt these amazing morsels are a revolutionary twist on the traditional box of chocolates. With affordable offerings beginning at a mere five dollars, one can have their Choco-Couture without the designer price. For more formal occasions, Chocolatines offer a wide assortment of gorgeous and extravagant products such as sixteen piece samplers, chocolate dipped strawberries (in season), and numerous others, all only a click away!

Visit the Chocolatines website

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