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Chaparro's Tamales

We have hand wrapped beef tamales, chicken tamales and pork tamales. We use only the finest and freshest ingredients. We also offer online frozen tamales ordering. Chaparro's Tamales has been proud to serve it’s customers in the Utah Area authentic Mexican food for over 20 years. When we opened our doors, we were only making 120 tamales a day. Now we are capable of making up to 25,000 a day.

Chaparro's Tamales

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These tamales are the best!

These tamales are the best!

These are absolutely

These are absolutely wonderful tamales. Haven't been able to find them again, so I'm going to take th label to my local stores and request them. My 93 year old mom is hoping we can get some more also.


If you're looking for more Chaparro's Tamales you can order them through their website! Just click the link above.

Their website does not have

Their website does not have anywhere to order online ...

how to order tamales on line

i would like to order bulk pork tamales but there are no provisions that allow me to do so. Please advise.


We are now in 8 states across the midwest, and can be found in most grocery stores. We are working with Albertson's and several other large grocery store chains so chances are we will be in your favorite super market soon. If you don't see us, ask for us in the meat department!

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