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Ballreich's Potato Chips

Ballreich History It was 1920 in Tiffin, Ohio when Fred Ballreich and his wife, Ethel opened their homemade potato chip operation in a dirt floor garage, using a copper kettle heated with wood scraps. It was an all day process that produced only 14 pounds of potato chips. Ballreich’s chose to make their potato chips “marcelled”, which means “wavy chip,” taken from the popular ladies wavy hairstyle of the 1920s.

The quality of the Ballreich’s potato chips created a huge demand that couldn’t be met by a husband and wife operation so Fred contacted his brother, Carl Ballreich, who was currently working as a supervisor at the Chevrolet Motor Plant in Flint, Michigan. Carl came back to his hometown to form the joint venture of Ballreich Brother’s Potato Chips. With the combination of Fred’s sales and baking skills along with Carl’s strong work ethic and management skills, the company was well on its way to success!

Ballreich's Potato Chips

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If you go to the Ballreich's website, there is an online ordering page here: If you have any problems, I'm sure their customer support will be happy to help you out. Good luck!

potato chips

I am trying to find a way of getting a box of individual bags of your chips. I don't know who to contact. My son is in Iraq and Ballreich's are his favorite chips. I want to send them for him to enjoy and his buddies to have the taste of this wonderful chip. When my son comes home from his various posts (he has 17 years in the Army) I always have Ballreich's for him. Can you help me?
I live in Swanton, Ohio (43558). Thank you very much!

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