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Alden Mill House

Alden Mill House

The Alden Mill House started in 1984, 22 years ago, by selling Chef Geno's all purpose seasoning Miracle Blend and other Pepper Mill Spices. The founder of Pepper Mill Spice Company, Eugene Moglovkin (aka Chef Geno), was a famous American Chef with European training. Chef Geno over the years developed his own custom seasoning blends that have been used in some of American's finest clubs and restaurants. Chef Geno won numerous awards and ribbons in culinary art shows from Michigan to Florida.

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Do you carry Spikes Seasoning?

This seasoning is suppose to contain sea salt and 19 other spices.
A substitute can be made up of l tsp Italian Seasoning and 1/4 tsp of Sea Salt for l/2 tsp of Spikes Seasoning.

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