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Alaska Silk Pie Company

Alaska Silk Pie Company

Our desserts have been featured in the Neiman Marcus Holiday catalogs for the past 18 seasons, Norm Thompson's for the past 4 seasons, and this year for the first time online at Delightful Deliveries.
What is Alaska Silk....where mousse and a fudge meet! It's not as heavy and dence as a fudge but it's not as light and airy as a mousse; it's very similar to the interior of a "Fine Truffle" only smoother and richer if you can imagine that. All of Our Sinfully Decadent Chocolate Desserts are produced using only the finest ingredients available.

Alaska Silk Pie Company

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Bad Customer service, Over Priced

I contacted the company to express my disappointment about one of the products. I told them there was no carmel in the pie and they told me that there was carmel. I really do not like to be accused of lying, but I guess that is how customer service is today. Sara Lee makes a pretty good silk pie and is much more affordable and you get what is pictured.

If you live in Seattle it might be worth it

These are some SMALL pies. I've tried the Key Lime and the Cafe Diablo. Both are good, but I don't think they're worth the cost when you add the shipping costs in.

Speaking of shipping, their FedEX shipping rates just decreased. Ironically, the cost of their pies just INCREASED. Maybe if you live in Seattle and can pick one of these up yourself rather than paying to have it shipped, it might be worth it. Otherwise, I'd have to say no. Go to your local bakery and get twice as much for half as much.

alaska silk pies are the absolute BEST

I have been purchasing these desserts for the past several years and giving them as gifts. My friends, customers and associates now look forward to their delightful, decadent desserts that come to them in the mail and according to them, PERFECTLY. Anyone that compares one of these wonderful desserts to a Sara Lee dessert of any kind really does not have a very educated palate. I understand they have been in Neiman Marcus for the past 20 years. That alone says a GREAT DEAL as far as I am concerned...It's a great dessert and well worth every penny and by the way, the cost of the dessert has not increased for the past couple of years. I should know, I purchase several 3 different times of the year and have them shipped via Fed Ex.

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